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Practical, detailed, and illuminating

This practical guide for English teachers should find a large audience, especially in MA classes on ESL methodology. Combining personal insights, detailed interview with fellow ESL teachers, and a survey of recent research and an acute awareness that context matters, Keith Folse has written an outstanding primer for conversation teachers and tutors. His 20 short vignettes in Chapter 3 (What does a Conversation Class Look Like) are worth the coverprice alone. If you have already, or you plan to teach a conversation class, I strongly recommend this outstanding primer.

ESL Teacher's Activities Kit

You won't make much money teaching ESL to little kids but you will get most of your joy and job satisfaction from them. This book will keep your lessons creative and entertaining.

Good Desk Reference

You need a desk reference for review. This book is half the size and more usable then the reference I have dragged over three continents during the past 20 years. You don't want it but you will need it

Plenty of Exercises

All the sentence patterns you will need to drill it into their subconsciouses. Its not fun or friendly but your students and your boss will expect it from you. Don't disappoint them, be prepared

Handy Cultural Primer

As an ESL teacher, you are the walking expert on everything in your culture. So teacher could you tell me about Malthusianism? I wish, I could say that last line was a bad joke but its not. I wasn't an expert on my own culture but can now hold my own with any diplomat. This book will make you look omniscient to your students. Your students are going to worship you so try not to let them down

Nice Classtime Filler Exercises

Your lessons never go perfectly according to plan. Five-Minute Activities gives you a buffer at the beginning and end of class to make the most of your time.

Make Practice Easy

Grammar is not a dirty word. However, not getting your students to practice the grammar that you have just sweated blood to teach them, sets them up for failure. Do yourself a favor teach a little and make them practice a lot.

Conversation Class Book

You will be teaching a lot of conversation classes. Teaching a conversation class seems like a no-brainer to a native speaker with no experience but it's not. This reference will keep your students talking and you from burning out.

Ambitious, flawed, and very practical

Evidently written to help novice ESL teachers understand the diverse and challenging skill sets required to teach English overseas, this ambitious book provides a plethora of practical tips for success in the classroom.

An impressive primer to a complicated subject

Do the English in England speak the same English as the Americans, the Jamacians, the South Africans, the Australians, the Irish, and the Indians? Should they? What does it mean if a majority of English speakers are actually English as a second language speakers? Can we actually assert that one version of English is more correct, formal, or proper than other forms?


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