A Powerful, Practical Pronunciation Book for Self-Study

<p>- Detailed, Practical, and Sensible Techniques - Expert advice by Santa Monica Community College Professor -Excellent CDS - Inspiring Quotations -Targeted for Advanced English Language Learners -Perfect for Self-Study -Can be Effectively Used in Pronunciation and Oral Skills Courses for Intermediate and Advanced Students -Reasonably Priced</p>
<p>- None</p>

Are you sometimes misunderstood by your American co-workers or customers - even though you have lived in the United Staes for years? Do you sometimes mispronounce words causing needless confusion and sometimes stress? Do you give professional presentations and want the native English speaking audience to clearly understand your words and ideas? Have you been looking for an excellent self-study guide to improve your American English pronunciation?

If so, you will find this exceptional pronunciation book and audio CDs quite helpful in "mastering the American accent." Written by Lisa Mojsin, a Santa Monica professor and linguist who works with professionals to gain an American accent, this systematic book respects the time, intelligence, linguistic needs, and social desires of English language learners. Each self-contained chapter provides a practical lesson with clear instructions. The compelling CDs provide an effective tool to hear and practice the sounds. I also appreciate the number of inspiring quotes throughout the book that recognize the sophistication and culture of the book's readers.

Like Targeting Pronunciation Communicating Clearly in English (Book with 5 CDs), Mastering the American Accent with Audio CDssystematically reviews the most difficult sounds and easily confused words in English for ESL and EFL students and provides excellent audio CDS. And like Planaria Price's outstanding Realistically Speaking: A Practical Approach to the Basic Sounds and Rhythms of American English, Mojsin provides a cultural context and bias toward what works in creating the core sounds in American English for adult immigrants. This excellent pronunciation book, however, combines the best parts of both Targeting Pronunciation and Realistically Speaking in a powerful, practical book that identifies effective methods to reduce accents and improve clarity for business professionals.

As an ESL teacher who focuses more on fluency and comprehension than pronunciation drills and absolute mastery of American accents, I learned many valuable tips from this book. This book will make me a better teacher in correcting pronunciation errors, especially for professionals who are already basically comprehensible and still want to "sound like an American". This book is a real contribution and fills a clear need in the increasingly diverse American workplace. If you only buy one pronunciation book to improve your American English, this is it.

Amazon Review by Eric H. Roth






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